Tendo em atenção…

20:38 - 21 Agosto 2007

que se trata de uma versão para MAC, não sei se a novidade vai interessar tanta gente assim - MSN Messenger 6.0.3.

New Features
- Communicate with Yahoo! Friends
- Communicate with Yahoo! Friends
- Display a Personal Message or Your Current iTunes Song
- Show Separate Contact List Windows

E se o…

17:59 - 20 Junho 2007

Windows Live Messenger está a dar barraca porque não experimenta o IMahah ?

    “- No need to download any software, just login to any of the above instant messaging (IM) systems to start chatting with your friends.
    - You can login multiple IM accounts at the same time and chat simultaneously with as many friends as you like. Better yet, you can enable your profile to use single sign-on (no need to create a new account).
    - Try our cross-IM platform group conference feature, which is truly unique among all the IM systems.
    - We use http protocol so that all your IM account information and messages are encrypted and protected the way your online banking transactions are protected.”